Common Sense 2017

Now is the time for us… to think of and discuss common sense proposals. Much of this is about finding a fair balance between options, removing them from the weeds of ideology.  So here’s my list:

Champion equal opportunities for working people, and promote safe working conditions, viewing this as essential to individual freedom and responsibility by assisting economic independence

Support public education, viewing this as essential to a non-elitist, informed participation in civic affairs

Promote universal health care, viewing this as basic to human dignity and essential to national security

Show our ideals by living them, respecting individual and minority rights

Practice and support freedom of worship, freedom of the press, and the right to peacefully assemble to petition the government

Practice and support free speech, within the reasonable constraints of concern for others’ safety, to insure the flow of ideas and critical thinking so necessary for a free society

Support government policies and programs that aid people most in need, viewing these as essential to alleviating marginalization, isolation, and suffering, and to promoting a cohesive society in which everyone can equally participate

Promote a fair tax system that relieves the burden on the working poor and middle class and asks more (but not to the point of being punitive) of those who have prospered because of our healthy economy and sound government

Support far-sighted, science-based regulation to protect and enrich the environment, and working to bring together all stakeholders in this process

Support sensible gun safety rules and education, and community policing, in order to advance the spirit and principles of a civil society

Support businesses, especially small businesses, in order to strengthen communities

Support entrepreneurship in order to keep America at the forefront of technology, manufacturing, and distribution/trade

Promote community-based organizations, public libraries, a mix of public/private transportation, and community spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and meeting place

– Mary Clark

Author: literaryeyes

Writer, Independent Thinker, Poet

5 thoughts on “Common Sense 2017”

  1. Well thought-out list, as I think all but those on the extreme right would agree. However, it appears to be short of a complete list by one “common sense proposal”: Support, promote and champion the blogs of literary eyes and mistermuse in order to alleviate the intellectual and cultural deprivation of poor souls who have not yet gotten the word as to what they are missing.

  2. Just happened to come back to this post, re-read my previous comment, and realize that what I intended to be tongue-in-cheek, fell flat. Oh, well, you can’t win them all, as they say….but if the road to hell is paved with good intentions, at least I’m well on my way. 😦

  3. No problem, Mary. I miss more than my share of replies to my comments, probably due either to old age or lack of being notified even if I’ve checked the “Notify me” box. Since I’m not quite senile yet, I’ll blame the latter. 🙂

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